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The Sport Source Directory is happy to provide this service free of charge to the amateur sport community in Canada. Promoting tournaments is of paramount importance to the development of amateur sport in Canada, and serves as a vitial funding source for the development of athletes for the future. Amateur Sport Tournaments equal funding for amateur sport teams at the local level.

Sports like Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Curling, Tennis, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Softball, Rugby, Speed Skating, Basketball, Swimming, Water Polo, Table Tennis, Alpine Sking, Ski Jumping, Golf, Cycling, Boxing, Bowling, Badminton, Track & Field, not to mention adult leagues and seniors leagues, are of vital importance to sport development in Canada. Amateur Sport Tournaments make sport go round.

We put this web site up so local sport clubs could promote there Amateur Sport Tournaments for free, and help increase participation from other sport clubs from out of Province or possibly even teams in the United States or U.S. that are looking for sport tournaments to participate in, in Canada.

Whether you are looking for Hockey Tournaments, Baseball Tournaments, Soccer Tournaments, Football Tournaments, Curling Bonspeils, Tennis Tournaments, Volleyball Tournaments, Field Hockey Tournaments, Lacrosse Tournaments, Softball Tournaments, Rugby Tournaments, Bowling Tournaments or Badminton Tournaments (plus many more) we feel we can either help you find or at least promote an event in the sport of your choice.